What tea towels do chefs use?

Chefs need well-woven towels for intensive use in the kitchen. This not only allows them to be more durable, but also allows them to be lint free. Loosely woven towels tend to come off after a few uses, but tightly woven designs prevent lint from forming. Having been in the food industry for many years, we know that chefs only use cotton tea towels.

This is due to the exact reasons that we have just mentioned earlier. We went to kitchen and home stores to feel the towels, see the colors available and talk to the vendors. To show your four-legged best friend that your love extends to your kitchen decor, choose this original by Fishs Eddy, which features several puppies in the middle of commands such as “shake “, sit down and “play dead”. Food52 also makes some comparable 100 percent cotton woven towels, the Five Two Essential Kitchen Towels.

We also spoke with Wirecutter Deputy Editor Christine Cyr Clisset, who has covered home textiles, and Tux Loerzel, store manager at Whisk, a kitchenware store in Brooklyn, New York. Usually, one cycle of washing in cold water with detergent is sufficient to clean kitchen linen after normal use. Cotton is durable, affordable and absorbent, which is why Tux Loerzel, from the Whisk cookware store in Brooklyn, told us that he recommends cotton to most people. Fishs Eddy, the most whimsical kitchen store in New York City, is a hidden treasure when it comes to towels.

Attractive Despite the fact that tea towels are practical items, no one wants a tattered rag hanging in their kitchen. The cotton tea towels are very absorbent and durable, making them perfect for drying dishes and cleaning up dirt. We dry everything from fragile wine glasses to sturdy pots and pans to find the best tea towels on the market. So what are the best tea towels you can buy? The best tea towels are made of cotton, terry or linen.

On the one hand, none of the high-end kitchens I staged in French for an unpaid cooking internship provided knives. Unless you host the same people for dinner every day or you're the food and wine person at Queer Eye, there's no need to have a variety of tea towels at your disposal.

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