What is a good quality kitchen towel?

If you cook a lot or have small children, you must bring big guns and that's exactly what you'll get with this Williams-Sonoma exclusive. Measuring 20 inches by 30 inches, these towels are large enough to tackle almost any job, from cleaning a large island, to cleaning up a large pool of spilled milk or drying your largest roasting pan. This kitchen towel is more than a pictorial option, it's made with 100 percent organic cotton to ensure it's absorbent enough to do the dirty work. Give double the joy to your space with a 100 percent cotton towel set that is as attractive as it is effective.

While they are very absorbent, the biggest advantage could be the lack of lint they produce, which means they will leave the glasses clear and shiny. The hem of the KitchenMart Kitchen Towel (pictured above) by Bed Bath's 26 Beyond unravels completely after the fifth wash cycle. Easy to maintain as they are machine washable, they are a good addition to your kitchen linen collection. Since these 100% Turkish cotton towels are known for being very durable and absorbent, a real kitchen workhorse you can trust.

We can't say for sure that Sur la Table ribbed tea towels are a rebrand of Now Designs towels, but they have a striking resemblance. Because kitchen towels are exposed to bacteria from hands, cutting board and food, it is necessary to wash them regularly (ideally, several times a week, depending on use). We bought 11 popular tea towels, including fluffy terry, bar mops, flour sack towels, and cloth towels you see in professional, double-sided kitchens and more, in all brands and prices. Terry cloth loops are small and well packaged, unlike bath towels and waffle fabric has a soft and hygienic look that is suitable for the kitchen.

In keeping with Drummond's signature farmhouse style, these towels feature whimsical floral patterns in bright, cheerful tones that would bring a pop of color to any kitchen. They will appreciate the beautiful new additions to their kitchen and the thoughtful reminder of you every time they use them. This set of four towels proves that you don't need to go commercial or basic to get tea towels that work well. No matter the material or color, there are plenty of affordable tea towels to choose from when it comes to this kitchen need, even high-quality brands have very reasonable prices.

And while he wouldn't use a napkin to dry dishes, some of his research into table linen is applicable to tea towels. And the elegant details, such as the four-sided hem, make them pretty enough to display in the kitchen when not in use. We went to kitchen and home stores to feel the towels, see the colors available and talk to the vendors.

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