Are towels household items?

Bathroom household items can be as basic or elaborate as their design desires allow, and most people opt for functionality, as the bathroom tends to be a smaller space than other common rooms in the home. Software essentials include towels of various sizes, such as wash cloths, hand towels, and bath towels. Browse our selection of Housewares Hand & bath towels and find the perfect design for you created by our community of independent artists. Green Bee Tea Towels is a manufacturer of hand printed cotton tea towels owned by Rena Krouse.

From her studio in Kansas City, Missouri, she and the other four members of her team have been putting up a line of functional and decorative cotton towels with a vintage touch for the past four and a half years. This year, it is expanding the business with an aggressive sales strategy and a new showroom at the Dallas Trade Center. The Bloom kitchen towel, also designed by Bonnie Christine, brings out the cheerful spring floral theme and features crochet piping. Vestiges offers a collection of kitchen towels with geographic designs created in collaboration with students from Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

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